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Welcome to the Brighton Area Historical Society.  We are glad you are here.  The main reason we exist is to protect our history.  By saying "our history", we mean "your history". We believe that all that came before us is worthy of being preserved and being remembered.  This task is important.  If no one makes the effort to remember our past, it will soon be forgotten.  Therefore, our goal is discover our history and explore it.  We shall make every effort to protect it and honor it.  Most of all, we shall learn from it.  That is why we are glad you are here.  Every person that makes an effort to remember our past means one more safeguard against it being forgotten.

The Brighton Area Historical Society is a resource for you to learn about your history.  Whether that means studying the historical events of Livingston County, Michigan or researching an ancestor in your family tree, we are here for you.


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